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Pašlīmējošs poliesters, Ø 100 mm 306266
  • EN ISO 7010
  • For increased safety
  • Available in several materials
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Mandatory safety sign with a symbol that indicates that head protection needs to be worn, in accordance with EN ISO 7010.
Create a safer working environment with clear mandatory signs. These signs remind staff and visitors that they need to wear head protection when entering a construction site for example.

The signs meet the requirements for the European and international standard EN ISO 7010. The standard determines the design and colour of safety signs in workplaces and other locations where people need to be informed about safety matters. The purpose is to make the safety signs easy for everyone to recognise and understand no matter where they are or what language they speak.

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Produkta parametri

  • Diametrs:100 mm
  • Krāsa:Zila
  • Materiāls:Pašlīmējošs poliesters
  • Svars:0 kg